Professional battery replacement tool BRT12

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Professional battery replacement tool
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EXIDE BRT-12 professional battery replacement tool

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    Exide BRT-12 - Battery Replacement Tool
    The Exide BRT-12 is a battery replacement tool that lets you replace batteries and clear faults from the dashboard. Connect it to the vehicle, follow the step-by-step onscreen instructions, and replace batteries with ease.
    The BRT-12 costs around 80% less than full diagnostic equipment, making it very affordable for most workshops. Serve customers that own the latest cars, reduce labour costs and help position your workshop for the future of the battery business.
    High-contrast and easy-to-read OLED display,
    Choose from twelve European languages,
    Suitable for vehicles manufactured from 2004 onwards,
    Plugs into your PC to install the latest updates,
    Powered from the vehicle's 12-volt J1962 diagnostic socket,
    Handheld and protected by rugged design.
    Manufacturer EXIDE
    Manufacturer code Exide BRT-12
    Warranty 12 month
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