How to order? F.A.Q

Is it possible to see the product?

A large part of our goods are in stores and KAUNAS and KLAIPEDA. The items in there, you can not only see but also to buy. However is an online store. So, the part of the goods you can see only in photographs before you will buy them. If the delivered product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days of receipt and You can recover all the money.
Are prices include VAT?
Yes, all prices include VAT.
Are the prices in shope and online shope the same?
No. Prices of goods in our online shope and in our or partners shopes may vary. Please send the goods required list by e-mail We will notify you of the existence of the option to purchase the desired goods in online store price. This offer is valid only in KAUNAS and KLAIPEDA.
Is it possible to get a product faster than the term? 

Preliminary time of delivery is in the description of the goods but often shipments deliver faster than the term. 
Can I make a reservation by phone or e-mail?
Yes, You can.
If you want to place an order by phone, please call us +370 700 55255 (time: I-V 9:00 - 17:00). You will need to tell your selected goods and contact details (name, address, e-mail and telephone number).
If you want to place an order by e-mail, please write us, specify the goods which you want to buy links from and write your contact information (name, address, e-mail and telephone number). Also indicate delivery and payment methods.
We will inform you by e-mail or telephone of the confirmation of orders and their further progress.
Is the cost of delivery of goods depending on the place of delivery?
We deliver the goods all over Lithuania. A freight cost from the place of delivery is independent, with the exception of the Kušių Nerija. 
Orders with a value of up to 250 Eur delivery costs 4,99 Eur throughout LITHUANIA. Orders with a value of over 250 Euro delivery is free. Presentation of the Kušių Nerija is always an additional charge of 39 Eur. 

If you prefer, you can take goods in our or our partners' sthopes:
- Raudondvario road 116, KAUNAS (free shipping),
- Šilutes road 5b, KLAIPEDA (free shipping fro 100 euro),
- J. Kubiliaus st. 23, VILNIUS (free shipping),
- Metalistu st. 2 (YAMAHA shop), SIAULIAI (free shipping from 100 euro)
In all cases, an additional delivery price of 8,50 euros from the Druskininkai warehouse is applied to the goods (BANNER, START, HELVI an other in the amount of up to 115 euros).
In all cases, an additional delivery price of 15,00 euros from the Riga warehouse is applied to the goods (DURACELL, EXIDE, McGard and other in the amount of up to 155 euros).
In all cases shipping Ultimatron and/or Olalitio LiFePo4 batteries (UN3480) from or to France may incur an additional charge of up to 115 euros.
Can goods buy company? Do You write invoices?
Yes, companies can buy goods in our shop. 
Please indicate that the goods will be purchase in a legal entity and specify the all required details.
Booking proforma invoice you can print immediately after you submit your order. Invoice will be presented with the goods.
Can I come pick up the goods itself?
Yes, You can. You need to specify that the goods arrive to withdraw yourself when you order products. Specify the address of the shop where you wish to collect the goods.
We will notify you immediately by e-mail when the order will be ready to withdraw. Ordered goods must be claimed within 3 working days after receipt of the e-mail information. It is necessary to present a valid identification document when receiving the goods.
How can I pay for the goods?
You can pay by bank transfer (give an additional discount of up to 2%), through PAYSERA online banking systems, 
to pay the courier for an additional fee of 3,00 Euro and in some cases, you can pay back the goods.
Can ordered goods withdraw by another person?
Yes, it’s can.
Specify the name of the person who will take back the ordered goods in additional information box when placing your order. Contact us by phone +370 700 55255 or by e-mail
It is necessary to present a valid identification document when receiving the goods.
Are delivered goods to abroad?
Yes, from 19.01.2015 goods can be delivered to Latvia (except DETA and SZNAJDER batteries) and Estonia, 
and now the goods up to 30 kg. in Poland and Finland (except batteries).
How can I cancel my order?
It’s need to inform us by telephone +370 700 55255 or e-mail if You wish to cancel the booking.
If you have paid the money and we have started to carry out your order, in which case the order is canceled in accordance with applicable rules of return.
How can I add items to an order that has already?
You can’t edit submitted or executable order. If you notice that you ordered the wrong item or going further order, please call us +370 700 55255 or write us an email You can also order additional items in our online store.
How can I change my email?
You can’t change registered e-mail yourself. Inform us by the phone +370 700 55255 or by e-mail Specify the registered e-mail and a new one, which needs to be replaced and we will update.
What do you give warranty for goods purchased through the online shop?
Goods purchased through the online shop gives the same guarantees as the goods purchased in the ordinary shop.
Do You provide battery replacement, tire mounting, balancing and other auto repair services?
Yes, we do. Car repair works to all of us and our partner shops. Ask if you want to make some repairs to the car and we will notify you about these services.