ULTRACELL LIT 75-12 12.8V 78Ah Lithium Ion deep cycle battery

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ULTRACELL LIT 12-75 12.8V 78Ah Lithium Ion akumuliatorius
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Номер продукта: ULT-LIT-75B



ULTRACELL LITHIUM (LiFePO4) technology batteries

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    Ultracell (UK) Limited

    ULTRACELL, established in 1999 and located in Liverpool, U.K, is a world leader in Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. As well as having a substantial share of the UK's VRLA market, Ultracell exports its products to more than 60 countries worldwide, in the continents of Europe, South America, Central America, Middle East, Africa and USA. 
    Due to our commitment to provide, high quality, cost effective batteries our customer service is second to none. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to act quickly in bringing new industry leading products to market. 
    Our products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide for a broad range of electronic and industrial applications, where cost effective DC power is required. We are constantly developing new products to keep pace with industry's rapidly changing needs. 
    Ultracell offers continuous, professional support through its internal team of experienced advisers and also through its extensive international distribution network. Customers may have technical, marketing and promotional literature provided to them in their own language prepared by our multi-lingual Sales and Marketing Department. 

    Емкость (Ач) 78Ач
    Емкость (Wч) 998.4Wh
    Напряжение (В) 12.8В
    Тип батареи Lithium Ion deep cycle
    Количество циклов ≥ 3000 циклов при 80% (DOD)
    Размер корпуса SLA 12-75 (~260x170X210)
    Аналог LiFePo4 12V-75Ah
    Длина (мм) 260
    Ширина (мм) 168
    Высота (мм) 215
    Вес (kг) 8.5
    Ток зарядки 35A (максимальный)
    Производитель ULTRACELL
    Код производителя Ultracell LIT75-12 (LiFePO4)
    Сертификаты CE / UN38.3
    Положение клемм + --
    Тип терминалов M6
    Bluetooth Нет
    IP классификация IP65 (пыль и брызг непроницаемый)
    Гарантия 12-24 месяцев
    Доставка в Литве 2-5 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Латвии 3-5 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Эстонии 3-7 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Польше 5-7 рабочих дней