EXIDE EK960 96Ah 850A (EN) AGM battery

Akumuliatorius 96 Ah 850 A EN 12V AGM -2% (до 5€) на корзину*

Номер продукта: EXIDE-EK960



AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology batteries. Ideal for vehicles with Start-Stop system, although widely used in ordinary cars

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    Every third car in the world equipped with the EXIDE made battery. EXIDE Corporation is a lead-acid battery manufacturing leader in the world. The company in 1888 in the United States was founded by Thomas Edison.

    Exide Technologies has a rich history spanning more than 120 years in the battery business. Our strengths demonstrate Exide's position as a forerunner of industrial advancement around the world. With countless contributions to the growth of technology, our story, reflects the spirit of innovation and resilience at its best.

    Today, Exide serves the complex stored energy needs of customers around the world. We provide services and systems that enhance vehicle performance and fleet utilization as well as those that reduce risk of temporary interruptions of power supplies. Our global footprint melds together our two significant bases of experience in transportation and industrial markets and provides for better and faster means of introducing innovations in products and services.  Exide is working to change the way the world uses and stores electrical energy.

    Exide launched the first Start-Stop AGM battery back in 2004. Our technology has evolved rapidly ever since, with each new generation making large gains in efficiency and performance. Exide is able to meet the stringent requirements of carmakers, giving the aftermarket confidence in the quality of our products. Exide’s Start-Stop AGM battery uses high-performance components and materials. It is ideally suited to cars with Start-Stop and/or regenerative braking systems. This new- generation AGM battery also supports sailing as well as other intelligent fuel-saving features.

    Top charge acceptance,
    Now 4 times higher cycle life,
    Optimized for partial state of charge operations,
    Ideal for large cars, SUVs, vans and vehicles with Start-Stop and power-hungry electrical equipment,
    Top-level safety features and absolutely no free acid,
    Recombinant VRLA (valve regulated),
    Latest generation approved by car manufacturers,
    Great car parc coverage from a limited number of SKUs,
    Long shelf life.



    Емкость (Ач) 96Ah
    Пусковой ток 850A (EN)
    Напряжение (В) 12V
    Тип батареи AGM
    Размер корпуса L5 (~353x175x190)
    Аналог L5-AGM
    Длина (мм) 355
    Ширина (мм) 175
    Высота (мм) 190
    Вес (kг) 26.1
    Производитель EXIDE
    Код производителя Exide EK960 AGM
    Положение клемм -- +
    Тип терминалов AP (SAE) automobiliniai
    Гарантия iki 24 mėnesių
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