OUTDO (HUAWEI) charger 12V/1A HWBC-1201_P31 for 4-20Ah batteries

OUTDO (HUAWEI) charger 12V/1A HWBC-1201_P31 for 4-20Ah batteries -2% (to 5€) on cart*

Product Reference: OUTDO-H12V1A



OUTDO (HUAWEI) charger 12V/1A HWBC-1201_P31 for 4-20Ah batteries

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    HUAWEI corporation (Hong Kong OUTDO International Industry Company Limited) connects five manufacturers::
    - Jinjiang Huawei Power Source Co. Ltd.,
    - Zghangzhou Huawei Power Source Science & Technology Co. Ltd.,
    - Huawei Power Source (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
    - Quanzhou Huatuo Plastic & Hardware Co. Ltd.,
    - Quanzhou Kactoion Vehicle Development Co. Ltd.

    Professional Battery Manufacturer
    Huawei Power Source is a professional manufacturer of all series of VRLA batteries, solar/wind storage batteries, motorcycle lead-acid batteries, lead-acid starter batteries and electric vehicle batteries.

    Providing All Kinds of Battery Use Solutions
    Our company has advanced production lines and strong development technology. We also boast a complete industry chain including lead-acid battery plate production, ABS containment and battery assembly. We have formed a professional electronic department to provide all kinds of solutions to problems encountered during the usage of our batteries.

    Certified Products Known Worldwide
    We adopted ISO 9001:2004 and ISO 14001:2004 management systems and obtained product certifications such as UL and CE. As such, our products are popular all over the world.

    At present, Jinjiang Huawei Power Source Co. Ltd. produced batteries are exported to more than 80 European, North American and Asian countries is clear.

    "We believe in our products and take pride in serving you" says Jinjiang Huawei Power Source Co. Ltd.
    Replacement CHARGER 12V-1A
    Dimensions (mm) 94x47x32
    Used voltage 230V
    Power 10W
    Charging current 1.0A
    Charging method 3th steps
    Voltage (output) 12V
    Capacity of rechargeable battery 4-20Ah
    Charging deep discharged batteries (SOS Recover) NO
    Starting (booster) NO
    Testing NO
    Manufacturer HUAWEI (OUTDO)
    Manufacturer code OUTDO HWBC-1201_P31 (12V, 1A)
    IP rating IP31 (protected from water dripping from vertical angle)
    Warranty 6 month
    Shipping in Lithuania 2-5 working days
    Shipping in Latvia 3-5 working days
    Shipping in Estonia 3-7 working days
    Shipping in Poland 5-7 working days