Battery charger NOCO GENIUS5 6/12V 5.0A

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Product Reference: NOCO-GEN5


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    About The NOCO Company. Innovating since 1914.

    Established in 1914, The NOCO Company (NOCO) designs and creates premium consumer battery chargers, jump starters, solar panels, and portable power devices as well as a wide range related battery products and accessories. Through these world class offerings, NOCO® has effectively set the new standard in design, performance and safety and has introduced an entirely new generation of products.

    Our beginnings. Cleveland, Ohio 1914.

    In 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio, Joseph Henry Nook, a local tire and battery distributor, set out to develop a product that would prevent battery corrosion. After several hundred different formulations, Mr. Nook began commercially manufacturing and distributing the world's first Battery Corrosion Preventative which he called NCP2. NCP2 is an acronym for "No Corrosion Product" which is applied in "2 Steps". The NCP2 brand quickly became a household name in every major battery and automotive shop. For over 100 years, the NCP2 brand has been preventing battery corrosion on over a billion vehicles and applications worldwide.

    Designed and engineered in the USA. Over 100 years of American ingenuity and vision. 

    NOCO firmly believes that success is driven by innovation and attention to detail. In-house Industrial Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Advanced Testing Teams only scratch the surface of how deep our innovation goes. From energy saving circuit and software design to optimized manufacturing operations, we are always improving and taking things to the next level. At NOCO, we don't try to out-design our competition- we push the limits of what is possible.

    Rechargeable battery type Flooded + AGM + GEL + LiFePO4
    Replacement AUTOMATIC CHARGER 6/12V~5A
    Dimensions (mm) 161x74x48
    Used voltage 230V
    Power 75W
    Charging current 5A
    Charging method UltraSafe® Smart Charger (8th steps automatic)
    Voltage (output) 6/12V
    Capacity of rechargeable battery up to 120Ah
    Charging deep discharged batteries (SOS Recover) YES
    Starting (booster) NO
    Testing NO
    Manufacturer NOCO
    Manufacturer code Noco GENIUS5
    IP rating IP65 (dust and splash proof)
    Warranty 24-36 month
    Shipping in Lithuania 2-5 working days
    Shipping in Latvia 3-5 working days
    Shipping in Estonia 3-7 working days
    Shipping in Poland 5-7 working days