Automatic starter and charger GYS STARTIUM 680E

Automatic starter and charger GYS-STARTIUM-680E
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Product Reference: GYS-START680



Automatic starter and charger GYS-STARTIUM-680E 12V/24V, 20-600Ah batteries, start current 380/550A (peak)

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    GYS (France)

    The 1960's marked the time when many domestic electrical appliances, large and small began to arrive into the home, fridges, washing machines, TV's etc that we all take for granted today. To cater for this increased  demand for energy in the home,  urgent changes had to be made to the energy network.  It was decided that the French electrical network would have to change, lifting the voltage level from 110 to 220 Volts requiring the installation of trans-formers in each home. It was then, in 1964 that Guy Yves Stephanie built a factory in Laval to manufacture these transformers.

    - 1964 Guy Yves Stephany establishes GYS and secures a contract to manufacture  transformers for French electricity company EDF (Électricité de France).

    - 1970 GYS commences production of battery charging devices and by the end of the same decade is making the first conventional elec-tric welding equipment.

    - 1980 GYS is taken over by an investment company.

    - 1997 Nicolas Bouygues acquires GYS. The company employs fewer than 50 mem-bers of staff.

    - 1999 The first electrode welding inverter leaves the factory.

    - 2001- 2004 GYS invests heavily in new prod-uct development. TIG welder inverters, plasma cutter inverters and other MIG.

    - 2006 Sales and service subsidiary opens in Aachen, Germany.

    - 2013 The GYS Group employs 470 staff, generating annual sales of more than € 60 million.

    International reach. Present in over 120 countries, GYS have their head office in France and its subsidiaries to expand its international influence. Carried by a dynamic team and an ambitious development strategy, we aim to reinforce our international collaborations and constantly conquer new territories.

    Rechargeable battery type Flooded + AGM + GEL
    Dimensions (mm) 305x475x795
    Used voltage 230V
    Power 2200W
    Charging current 5A-15A-30A (45A boost)
    Charging method Automatic (IWUoU)
    Voltage (output) 12/24V
    Capacity of rechargeable battery 20Ah -> 675Ah
    Charging deep discharged batteries (SOS Recover) YES
    Starting (booster) 380A/550A (peak)
    Testing YES
    Manufacturer GYS
    Manufacturer code GYS Startium 680E
    Warranty 12 month
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