IntAct BP6-20 6V 20Ah AGM VRLA battery

IntAct BP6-20 6V 20Ah AGM VRLA battery -2% (to 5€) on cart*

Product Reference: INT-BP6-20



IntAct VRLA (AGM) batteries

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    intAct - well-known brand in Germany, emphasizing the exceptional reputation, quality and workability of the batteries.

    intAct Block Power AGM batteries

    The intAct Block-Power series batteries are mainly used in alarm systems.

    However, they also serve as absolutely reliable energy storage for safety power supply systems, safety illumination and for a number of hobby uses.

    In addition, these batteries are suitable for minor traction applications such as wheelchairs as well as rehabilitation clinics.

    BP12-35, BP12-50 ir BP12-75 batteries can be used in cycling applications.
    Capacity (Ah) 20Ah
    Voltage (V) 6V
    Battery type VRLA (AGM)
    Box size SLA 6-20 (~157x83x125)
    Replacement 3-FM-20
    Length (mm) 157
    Width (mm) 83.0
    Height (mm) 125
    Weight (kg) 3.4
    Manufacturer INTACT (Germany)
    Manufacturer code IntAct BP6-20
    Polarity + --
    Warranty 6 month
    Shipping in Lithuania 2-5 working days
    Shipping in Latvia 3-5 working days
    Shipping in Estonia 3-7 working days
    Shipping in Poland 5-7 working days