ULTIMATRON UBL 24-54 25.6V 54Ah Lithium Ion deep cycle battery

ULTIMATRON UBL 24-54 25.6V 54Ah Lithium Ion
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Product Reference: ULM-UBL-5424



ULTIMATRON LITHIUM (LiFePO4) technology batteries

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    Ultimatron France is a supplier of batteries, it is a high-tech company specializing in the sale and service of batteries. We engage in the application and popularization of batteries. The company team has at least 15 years of professional experience. It is a battery energy company with broad development prospects.

    This is the age of batteries. They have become ubiquitous in our daily life.

    We lived in the rechargeable world, but it was the batteries that really brought the portability of electronic devices and opened up mobile and modern life.It can be said that if there is no battery, there is no mobile smart life now. 

    Lithium batteries are widely used in various fields due to their light weight, recharging capacity, powerful functions and portability. It is used around the world to power portable electronic devices, and we use these portable electronic devices to communicate, work, study and play.

    It can be said that lithium batteries have completely changed human life as energy storage devices.

    Capacity (Ah) 54Ah
    Capacity (Wh) 1382.4Wh
    Voltage (V) 25.6V
    Battery type Lithium Ion deep cycle
    Number of cycles ≥ 3000 cycles at 80% DOD
    Box size SLA 12-100 (~330x175x220)
    Replacement LiFePo4 24V-50Ah
    Length (mm) 330
    Width (mm) 172
    Height (mm) 215
    Weight (kg) 14.1
    Charging current 27A (maksimali)
    Manufacturer ULTIMATRON
    Manufacturer code Ultimatron UBL 24-54 (LiFePO4)
    Certificates CE / UN38.3 / UL1642 / IEC62133
    Terminal type M8
    Bluetooth Yes
    IP rating IP65 (dust and splash proof)
    Warranty 12-24 month
    Additional warranty up to 36 (total 48-60) month Ultimatron warranty (there are additional conditions)
    Additional warranty registration is required YES
    Shipping in Lithuania 2-5 working days
    Shipping in Latvia 3-5 working days
    Shipping in Estonia 3-7 working days
    Shipping in Poland 5-7 working days