Winter windshield washer -20°C

Winter windshield washer -20°C -2% (to 5€) on cart*

Product Reference: DP-LANG-20-5


Winter windshield washer -20°C

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    Ice-free glass cleaner.

    Freezing temperature: -20°C
    Ingredients: ethanol, isopropanol, dyes, fragrances, water.

    The automotive glass cleaner is ready for use during the cold season, freezes -20 ° C. Cleaner effectively removes frost, ice, dirt, grease, and other contaminants. The cleaning of the active substance does not harm car paint, varnished surfaces, plastic and rubber strips to detail. The product has a pleasant aroma.
    Weight (kg) 5.0
    Manufacturer DAUVIDES PREKYBA
    Manufacturer code Washer -20°C (5Kg)
    Shipping in Lithuania 2-5 working days
    Shipping in Latvia 3-5 working days
    Shipping in Estonia 3-7 working days
    Shipping in Poland 5-7 working days