CV joint GSP 803007 (607 096)

Гибкое соединение полуоси (шрус) GSP 803007 (607 096) -2% (до 5€) на корзину*

Номер продукта: CIF-607-096


CV joint kit GSP with boot, grease and clips

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    Quality spare parts for European, Asian and American Cars

    GSP manufactures quality parts for European, Asian and American cars. Since more than 30 years GSP is producing cv joints and drive shafts for the Worldwide Automotive Aftermarket. With more than 2.000 people GSP manufactures over 15 million joints and 5 million drive shafts per year. The product range covers more than 2.500 joint applications and more than 1.500 drive shafts. On top of that GSP is providing a large range of hub assemblies (1,5 million) and 10 million rubber to metal components.
    You find GSP products in more than 120 countries; our vehicle coverage reaches about 95%. In Europe we supply importers and warehouse distributors as well as specialists and industrial partners.
    The excellent product quality is based on long term developments and processes certified by quality standards like TS 16949 and others. High quality standards and controls on international level are being applied throughout all processes in production and administration.
    GSP produces exclusively in their own factories in China and distributes products through their own subsidiaries in Asia, America and Europe. Highly motivated and qualified people assure a constant development and sustainable quality.
    Our philosophy is to offer spare parts of high quality at competitive prices to the independent aftermarket. Our customers are being supplied either from our factories in China or from one of our Central warehouses.

    GSP Europe GmbH
    The GSP Europe GmbH was established early 2007. People with decades of automotive aftermarket experience take care of our customers and their requirements. We are the first contact for our European customers and we are the link between the needs of our customers and the head office in China.
    Our main goal is to establish long lasting and sustainable partnership between our customers and GSP. The multi lingual team here looks after different customer’s requirements in all European countries.

    Tип Комплект гибкого соединение полуоси (шруса)
    Рекомендация AUDI / VW
    Внешний зуб 22
    Внутренний зуб 30
    Диаметр шейки (мм) 51
    Диаметр (мм) 81
    Аналог (CIFAM) CIFAM 607 096
    Производитель GSP
    Код производителя GSP 803007
    Доставка в Литве 2-5 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Латвии 3-5 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Эстонии 3-7 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Польше 5-7 рабочих дней