Glow plug NGK DP10-Y503J (1009)

Свеча накаливания NGK DP10-Y503J (1009) -2% (до 5€) на корзину*

Номер продукта: NGK-1009


Glow plug NGK DP10-Y503J (1009)

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    NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd - corporate group has its corporate headquarters in Nagoya, Japan and currently has 36 subsidiaries around the globe.Outside of the home country of Japan, NGK alone has eleven factories, four development centres and more than 20 sales offices which ensure that products of the NGK and NTK brands reach customers quickly and reliably.

    In total, the approximately 12,000 employees of the corporate group (March 2011) helped the corporate group’s turnover reach 3.24 billion US dollars (approx. 2.28 billion €). In the process, the company’s largest sector, automotive components, accounted for 2.37 billion dollars (approx. 1.67 billion €). The area of communications media components and technical ceramics, the company’s second pillar, accounted for 0.87 billion dollars (approx. 610 million €).

    Tип Свеча накаливания
    Резьба (ключ) 10 x 1.0 (10.0) mm
    Производитель NGK
    Код производителя NGK DP10 Y503J (1009)
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    Доставка в Эстонии 3-7 рабочих дней
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