intAct Premium 100Ah 900A (EN) starter battery

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INTACT Premium 100Ah 900A (EN) аккумулятор -2% (до 5€) на корзину*

Номер продукта: INT-PP100MF



intAct Premium Power batteries for a new generation of cars with additional safety and comfort equipment, reliable driving short distances urban cycle

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    intAct - Germany has a well-known brand, emphasizing the exceptional reputation and image of the workability of the battery.

    intAct Premium Power batteries

    The intAct Premium Power batteries are impressive with their perfect price-performance ratio as well as a complete product line.
    Premium Power batteries are available filled and charged (calcium/calcium technology).
    Use of select materials and special alloys result in superior capacity performance as well as extreme high current capability of the intAct Premium Power series.
    intAct Premium Power batteries are used in all passenger cars, trucks and agricultural machinery. Our intAct Premium Power batteries are also used by a number of original equipment manufacturers and construction equipment manufacturers.

    Емкость (Ач) 100Ач
    Пусковой ток 900A (EN)
    Напряжение (В) 12В
    Тип батареи Необслуживаемый
    Размер корпуса L5 (~353x175x190)
    Аналог L5-PREMIUM
    Длина (мм) 353
    Ширина (мм) 175
    Высота (мм) 191
    Производитель INTACT (Германия)
    Код производителя IntAct PP100MF
    Положение клемм -- +
    Тип терминалов AP (SAE) автомобильные
    Гарантия 24 месяцев
    Доставка в Литве 2-5 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Латвии 3-5 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Эстонии 3-7 рабочих дней
    Доставка в Польше 5-7 рабочих дней