OPTIMA Red Top R-4,2L SLI 50Ah battery

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Номер продукта: 8003


OPTIMA 8003-251 (RT R 4,2L)

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology. Red Top - starter batteries for machinery with powerful diesel engines for applications in hard conditions

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    OPTIMA (Jonsons Controls)

    Many Batteries. Can start an engine. Few can start a revolution.

    Performance. It’s what you want from a battery and it doesn’t matter if you’re working, driving cross-country or just having fun. If you're looking for pure power, look no further. OPTIMA® Batteries deliver supreme performance and reliability. Our unique SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® gives OPTIMA Batteries over 15 times more vibration resistance and increased cycle life compared to traditional batteries. They’re virtually spillproof and maintenance-free for absolute peace of mind.  

    OPTIMA Batteries are just different. By different, we mean game-changing, and best-in-class different. We’ve completely revolutionized the way batteries are designed and built. And honestly, nothing else comes close. 


    Ultimate Power, for the ultimate professionals for the ultimate enthusiasts. And for the ultimate experience. That's our goal each and every day. No matter how extreme the conditions, OPTIMA® delivers Ultimate Power. We look for every technological advantage to push the limits of what's possible and leave pretenders in our dust.

    We manufacture our own batteries in our own facilities to our demanding standards. To ensure quality and consistency in our batteries, no matter where they are being sold - our batteries are never re-labled or re-spec'd.

    Because the Power Source we produce is a promise and a statement of will. It is the will to meet strength with strength, the will to be unstoppable and the will to perform without fail. We are driven to unleash our consumers' full potential, provide brute power and to push peak performance. OPTIMA® offers ultimate professionals and enthusiasts all the power they can handle again and again. Ultimate Power.


    Engineered for the Extreme

    The power demands from modern vehicles are greater than ever. That’s why the engineers at OPTIMA® Batteries built the technology needed to keep batteries powered under the most extreme conditions. Our revolutionary absorbent glass mat (AGM) gives our batteries longer life and supreme performance. The SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® battery design makes them virtually spillproof, vibration-resistant, and allows installation in virtually any position. Add in the fact they’re nearly maintenance-free and you’re assured of peace of mind.



    OPTIMA® high-performance AGM batteries aren’t like any other batteries in the world. Our exclusive SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® design is among the most advanced commercially available lead-acid battery technologies out there. It delivers an incredibly strong and clean power source that can’t be touched by today’s lead-acid batteries. With OPTIMA Batteries, you can count on longer-lasting battery life under both starting and deep-cycle applications. Oh, and did we mention our lead-acid batteries are vibration-resistant, spill-proof and built to last? So. Go ahead. Check out our batteries and find out which color top fits best under your hood. 

    Produced three series OPTIMA batteries.

    Red Top - ideal for trucks, SUVs, hot rods and street cars, the REDTOP is designed to deliver the strongest burst of ignition power for a reliable start-up every time.
    Yellow Top - is the ideal battery for modern accessory-loaded vehicles. It can be repeatedly brought back from deep power drains to full charge, so it can power plenty of electronics and still start you up time after time.
    Blue Top - offers more running time and more recharges than you’d get out of a traditional battery. It’s perfect for boats with trolling motors, extensive electronic systems, or RVs.

    Емкость (Ач) 50Ач
    Пусковой ток 815A (EN)
    Напряжение (В) 12В
    Тип батареи AGM / SPIRAL
    Количество циклов до 350 циклов при 100% (DOD)
    Размер корпуса 34 (~260x175x200) BCI
    Аналог BCI-34-AGM-SPIRAL
    Длина (мм) 254
    Ширина (мм) 175
    Высота (мм) 200
    Вес (kг) 17.2
    Производитель OPTIMA
    Код производителя Optima 8003 251 (RTR 4,2L)
    Положение клемм -- +
    Тип терминалов AP (SAE) автомобильные
    Гарантия до 24 месяцев
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