FORSTER Thermo Control F12-200FBSH 12.8V 200Ah Lithium Ion battery

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FORSTER Thermo Control F12-200FBSH 12.8V 200Ah Lithium Ion battery
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Номер продукта: FR-F12-200SH




Can be connected 4 batteries in parallel and 4 in series

Additional shipping cost dangerous goods (UN3480) from Germany up to 75,00 euros with 21% VAT.

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    Passion for innovation

    In 2007, we started developing lithium batteries for motorcycle racing. Today, our experience is trusted by such well-known companies as Toyota Gazzo Racing and BMW Motorsport. Our experience in tough racing led to the 2012 to create the first series of camping batteries that convinced our customers from the very beginning. The foundation consists of high-quality lithium cells, efficient design and further developed racing BMS. After introducing special battery models up to 500Ah capacity, we expanded the range and today we offer the optimal solution for various applications.

    FORSTER Thermo Controly

    Lithium thermal control series with the Thermo Control we solve the "cold" problem with lithium batteries. The FORSTER Thermo-Control lithium battery offers the perfect solution especially for installation in unheated areas or an external battery compartment. The Forster Thermal Control battery has computer-controlled cell preheating, which automatically and temperature-controlled monitors the battery cells and releases them for charging down to -30°C. The battery is equipped with Bluetooth for easy monitoring.

    • Discharge down to minus 20°C
    • Charge down to minus 30°C
    • Short heat-up time thanks to intelligent Multi-Layer Heating System (MLS)
    • Easy to change thanks to DIN standard housing
    • Bluetooth monitoring via FORSTER APP

    Емкость (Ач) 200Ач
    Емкость (Wч) 2560Wh
    Напряжение (В) 12.8В
    Тип батареи Lithium-Ion Phosphate LiFePO4
    Количество циклов ≥ 3500 циклов при 80% (DOD)
    Размер корпуса SLA 12-150 (~485x170x240)
    Аналог LiFePo4 12V-200Ah
    Длина (мм) 485
    Ширина (мм) 170
    Высота (мм) 245
    Вес (kг) 25.0
    Ток зарядки 150A (максимальный)
    Код производителя Forster Thermo Control F12-200FBSH (LiFePO4)
    Сертификаты CE / UN38.3
    Положение клемм + --
    Тип терминалов M8
    Замечание Дополнительная стоимость доставки опасного груза (UN3480) из Германии до 75,00 евро с 21% НДС.
    Bluetooth Да
    IP классификация IP54 (защищен от брызг)
    Гарантия 24 месяцев
    Дополнительная гарантия до 12 (всего 36) месяцев Forster гарантия (есть дополнительные условия)
    Требуется дополнительная регистрация гарантии ДА
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