MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 225/45R17 94 W XL (C A 71dB)

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Padangos Pilot Sport 4 94 W XL ( C A 71dB ) -2% (to 3€) on cart*
Tire EU marking C A 71
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Product Reference: 225/45R17


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    Michelin’s mission is to enhance mobility by putting into practice its core values of respect for customers, respect for people, respect for shareholders, respect for the environment and respect for facts.

    Michelin holds forefront positions in every tyre market as well as in travel-related services. By leveraging its technological leadership, capacity for innovation, high-quality products and services, and powerful brands, Michelin is able to pursue a global expansion strategy and improve efficiency in every aspect of its business.

    Type (season) Summer
    Width 225
    Height ratio 45
    Diameter R17
    The tread pattern Pilot Sport 4
    Speed Index W (270 km/h)
    Loading index 94 (670 kg)
    Manufacturer MICHELIN
    Attribute Reinforced (XL)
    Equivalent 225/45R17
    Wheel protection (FR) YES
    Note XL
    Fuel efficiency C
    Wet grip A
    External noice level 71db
    Shipping in Lithuania 1-3 working days