intAct 12TP180 Traction Power PZS 240Ah battery

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intAct 12TP180 Traction Power PZS 240Ah battery
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Product Reference: INT-12TP180



intAct Traction PZS deep-cycle batterieswith positive tubular plates for multi-purpose machinery - electric floor cleaning machines, lifting platforms, construction, commercial transportation, etc.

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    intAct - Germany has a well-known brand, emphasizing the exceptional reputation and image of the workability of the battery.


    The intAct Traction-Power/PZS series batteries are also suitable for use in a rough environment, especially for golf carts, cleaning equipment, mobile lifting platforms, electric lifting trucks as well as many other traction applications.
    The armour plate/tubular plate battery design results in superior stability and strength. As your partner for system solutions, we also offer the suitable chargers for recharging the sealed lead/acid batteries.
    intAct TRACTION POWER PZS series battery have 1200 cycles according to IEC 254-1 at 75% DOD. TRACTION POWER PZS battery series adapted as severe cyclical work and also to power supply.

    Capacity (Ah) 180Ah (C5) / 240Ah (C20)
    Voltage (V) 12V
    Battery type Deep cycle (liquid electrolyte)
    Number of cycles 1200 cycles to 75% DOD (IEC 254-1)
    Box size C (~518x273x242)
    Replacement C-TUBULAR
    Length (mm) 517
    Width (mm) 270
    Height (mm) 240
    Weight (kg) 68.0
    Manufacturer INTACT (Germany)
    Manufacturer code intAct 12TP180
    Warranty up to 24 month
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