Antifreeze coolant LONG LIFE G11 concentrate (yellow)

Antifreeze coolant LONG LIFE G11 concentrate (yellow) -2% (to 5€) on cart*

Product Reference: DP-70G11-1


Antifreeze coolant LONG LIFE G11 concentrate (yellow)

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    Antifreeze concentrate yellow.

    Ingredients: ethylene glycol.
    Contains no: nitrites, amines, silicates, phosphates.

    High-quality long-term antifreeze for cars of all types of internal combustion engines to cool.
    The special of this new generation of very high-quality anti-freeze feature is that it is made not only to maximize protection of the motor from overheating, freezing, but also against corrosion. During the operation, virtually no precipitation.
    Antifreeze and maintains its properties over the whole life cycle, it is extremely easy to use. 
    Weight (kg) 1.0
    Manufacturer DAUVIDES PREKYBA
    Manufacturer code Antifreeze G11 concentrate (yellow)
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