"Add 2 Oil" (universal modifier)

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"Add 2 Oil" (universal modifier)

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    Oil additive universal modifier Add2Oil.

    A few decades ago created the Russian military and aerospace industry for a long time used universal modifier, a few years ago was proposed and Lithuanian drivers. It's very good examples of engine oil additive, very effectively equalizing and increasing compression, which reduces friction and keeps the engine moving metal parts from wear. On top of that, it saves fuel and lubricants. There is not a single driver saved the engine of your car from demage when you accidentally break through the crankcase, could even drive 50 kilometers to the nearest repair shop, it was the oil filled up this modifie

    Universal modifier "Add 2 Oil - is a complex effect on the product - modifies the surface and forming a very resilient oil film effectively reduces friction, have washable effect.

    What is the benefit to the user, by the addition of the "Add 2 Oil?

    In all cylinders of the engine increases the compression and smooth, completely changing the oil properties.
    Increases engine power.
    Facilitate the starting of the engine, especially during the cold season.
    Lowers fuel and oil consumption.
    Reduces friction wear of engine parts.
    It does not contain - teflon, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, copper, zinc.
    Keeps lubricated surfaces against corrosion.
    Slowing down the aging oil and oxidation processes, especially in the city (START and STOP) mode.
    Reduces the toxicity of emissions.
    Emergency (leaking oil), can go up to 100 km.
    Suitable for all kinds of oils and all types of engines.
    Effect up to 50 thousands km. mileage.

    When and where best to use the oil additive "Add 2 Oil?

    Add 2 Oil can be used for all types of engines and pour into all kinds of oils, as well as poured into the gearbox (except automatic), rear axle, all agricultural machinery and any other equipment, which is the friction pair.

    The best effect, use the "Add 2 Oil" available in older engines. In particular, its impact is felt in the cold season. Most "Add 2 Oil" pouring oil change. It is recommended that the use of this additive, engine wash, the engine wall, make a more efficient use of the "Add 2 Oil" impacts.

    If the motor is used for expensive, high-quality synthetic oil, or appropriate in addition to pour "Add 2 Oil"?

    In fact, every motor oils manufacturer confirmed that the oil is made with all the necessary accessories, constituting the most favorable conditions for the operation of the engine. However, at the same time we must not forget that the oil composition of the estimated new engine and under ideal driving conditions - in short, the standard of driving. In the meantime, however, the vast majority of second-hand engines, and while driving - not ideal conditions, especially in the urban environment. In these cases, and the handy "Add 2 Oil". In addition, it contains phenolic antioxidants in the oil stops aging and oxidation processes, which is particularly active in going for city driving "START and STOP" mode. And not to mention, in order to save some, get some cheaper and less quality oil. Then have the "Add 2 Oil" essential.

    Capacity (ltr) 0.25 ltr
    Manufacturer DAUVIDES PREKYBA
    Manufacturer code Add 2 Oil
    Shipping in Lithuania 2-5 working days
    Shipping in Latvia 3-5 working days
    Shipping in Estonia 3-7 working days
    Shipping in Poland 5-7 working days