Steering gear protection boot JBK-0150G

Steering gear protection boot JBK-0150G -2% (to 3€) on cart*

Product Reference: JBK-0150


Steering gear protection boot NISSAN cars

4,05 € tax incl.

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    Just Boots

    Highest quality STEERING GEAR protective boots.

    An impressive range of rubber and thermoplastic. All stock and dispatch to the next or even the same day !!!

    Type Roober boot
    Using TOYOTA
    Ø (steering) 45
    Ø (tie rod end) 10
    Length (mm) 110
    Manufacturer JUST BOOTS
    Manufacturer code JBK-0150
    Shipping in Lithuania 2-5 working days
    Shipping in Latvia 3-5 working days
    Shipping in Estonia 3-7 working days
    Shipping in Poland 5-7 working days