DYNAVOLT MG12-B4 10Ah battery

DYNAVOLT MG12-B4 10Ah battery -2% (to 3€) on cart*

Product Reference: DYN-MG12-B4


DYNAVOLT NANO GEL technology battery for motorcycles. Fully charged, absolutely maintenance free and safe.

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    DYNAVOLT NANO GEL batteries

    Why DYNAVOLT NANO GEL batteries?

    GEL electrolyte completely solves the lead acid battery hermetic problems.
    The battery inside is a high-tech NANOATOM GEL electrolyte and even rupture of the battery does not the body,
    Even 150% longer battery life. According to JB / T4282-92 standard of ordinary liquid electrolyte batteries reaches 200 cycles and DYNAVOLT Nanotechnology GEL batteries up to 500 cycles.

    GEL NANO and SLA battery comparison

    CONCLUSION: Compared Nanotechnology GEL battery with SLA batteries first showed major advantages:
    100% leak-proof and safe to use
    1.5 times longer service life
    Twice as long as the self-discharge time.

    Capacity (Ah) 10Ah
    Starting current 110A
    Voltage (V) 12V
    Battery type NANO GEL technology
    Box size (~150x69x130) 12V moto
    Replacement YT12B4-GEL
    Length (mm) 150
    Width (mm) 69.0
    Height (mm) 130
    Weight (kg) 3.7
    Manufacturer DYNAVOLT
    Manufacturer code Dynavolt MG12B-4
    Polarity + --
    Warranty 30 days (clearance sale)
    Shipping in Lithuania 1-3 working days
    Shipping in Latvia 2-5 working days
    Shipping in Estonia 3-5 working days
    Shipping in Poland 3-5 working days